Drop Seeder


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A Drop Seeder can easily and quickly seed on 264 cells of a Paper Chain Pot.
This is one of the most efficient tools in Paper Pot System.
It saves your labor and work time!


Drop Seeders are available in 6 diameters sizes depending on the sizes of seeds. Please select the size from the table below.

Size (Hole Diameter) Seed Type
LL (6.0 mm) Larger seeds such as radish, beets, spinach and with microgreens.
L (4.5 mm) Standard size such asĀ  spinach, beets and salanova.
M (3.5 mm) For medium size seeds.
S (3.2 mm) For smaller seeds.
SS (2.8 mm) Mizuna, scallions, kale, shallots, turnips and other smaller seeds.
SSS (1.8 mm) Onions, brassicas, scallions, kale, shallots and turnips.

SSS (1.8 mm Diameter), SS (2.8 mm Diameter), S (3.2 mm Diameter), M (3.5 mm Diameter), L (4.5 mm Diameter), LL (6.0 mm Diameter)

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