Paper Pot Transplanter HP-16



Our Paper Pot Transplanter truly is an authentic manual transplanter that won’t require a power source. Just by easily pulling it backwards along ridges, you will finish your planting in a remarkably short time.
It is designed for a variety of crops, such as onion, beet, spinach, lettuce, salad green, broccoli, cabbage, bean, corn, basil, and so on.
It’s perfect for not only growing your seedlings, but also makes perfect transplanting grooves by earthing up and pressing the soil just by pulling it backwards!
This is one of the principal products of The Paper Pot System.


  • The transplanter is designed especially for Paper Pot System that ditches, transplants, covers and presses down the soil.
  • This is a manual transplanter that allows operators to work at their own paces.
  • It is easily handled by anybody thanks to its small size and light-weight design.
Paper Pot Transplanter HP-16



Model Name HP-16
Length 1,995 to 2,063 (mm)
Width 315 (mm)
Height 879 to 1,056 (mm)
Weight 12.0 (kg)
Planting Row 1 row
Grooving Depth 53 (mm)
Paper Chain Pot Type CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15 and LP353-30
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