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Multipurpose Waterproof Boots GREEN MASTER




With a stretchy, waterproof upper portion and soles offering outstanding grip, GREEN MASTER® boots are lightweight and enable excellent mobility. The soft fabric above the sole provides superior flexibility to eliminate all tangible pressure and gives you a comfortable fit suited to the shape of your legs.

This excellent fit, coupled with smooth wearability and removability, means none of the uncomfortable stress that typically comes with slim boots. The soles have a flat, heelless shape to largely prevent you from leaving tracks and holes in your lawn, field or elsewhere. Plus, a unique grip pattern creates a superb anti-slip effect.

These functional boots possess a wide range of uses including gardening, farming, leisure, getting around town and more.


Out sole

Soles with a unique design
provide excellent grip.



The material in the upper portion
is completely waterproof.


Slip down prevent

This belt makes for a comfy fit. (Only available for Green, Dark Red and Gray)

Features for new colors (Forest and Heather Gray)





SS 35.5 – 36 3.5 -4 22.0 – 22.5
S 38 – 39 4 – 5 23.0 – 24.0
M 39.5 – 40.5 5.5 – 6.5 24.5 – 25.5
L 41 – 42 7 – 8 26.0 – 27.0
LL 42.5 – 43 8.5 – 9 27.5 – 28.0
3L 43.5 – 44 9.5 – 10 28.5 – 29.0

Detailed specs for Green, Dark Red and Gray

Detailed specs for Forest and Heather Gray (new colors)

Please consider the size chart as a rough guide.


Body Synthetic rubber, Nylon, Polyester
Sole/Reinforcement Natural rubber
(Green, Dark Red, Gray)
Plastic, Nylon
(Forest, Heather Gray)

SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L


Green, Dark Red, Gray, Forest, Heather Gray

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