Jang Seed Roller for Jang Seeder JP Series


Designed for use with Jang Seeder JP series. The Jang Seed Rollers are made of special material to discharge static electricity.

Please select a seed roller type from the table below.

Seed Type Hole diameter
Number of holes
Bok choy, Indian mustard, vitamin YYJ-12 3 12
Winter-grown cabbage YJ-12 3 12
Crown daisy MJ-12 6.5 12
Spinach F-12 5 12
Carrot M-12 5 12
Young radish FJ-12 6 12
Radish Q-4 8 4
Curled mallow YK-12 3.5 12
Chives, chamnamul A-6 13.5 6
Sorghum R-12 9 12
Soybean N-6 16 6
Wheat, buckwheat C-12 11 12
Sesame X-8 4 8
Sweet corn S-4 4
Corn U-4 4


  • Please be aware that it will take 1 to 2 weeks to ship to your address after receiving your order.
  • Seed spacing can be adjusted as well by changing the gear ratio by using 6 sprockets provided with Jang Seeder.



YYJ-12, YJ-12, MJ-12, F-12, M-12, FJ-12, Q-4, YK-12, A-6, R-12, N-6, C-12, AA-6, G-16, X-8, S-4, U-4, MM-16, XJ-12, YYJ-24, X-24, F24, XY24, XYY24

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