Seedling Root Control Paper for Paperpot 300 Sheets



It is a seedling underlay paper for root growth controlling based on known safe compounds.

When the tip of the root of a plant touches the paper, it suppresses the elongation of the root and promotes the rooting of the lateral roots. Therefore, it is possible to have solid roots with many fine roots, and the rooting after transplanting is promoted.

When used as underlay paper for paper pots and chain pots, root entanglement at the bottom of the pot is suppressed, leading to more efficient transplant work.


  • It is an underlay paper that uses a durable material, and it exhibits a stable root stopping effect even in long-term raising seedlings.
  • There is no front and back when using.
  • The size is slightly longer than the paddy rice nursery box.
  • Dimensions: 650mm x 277mm


  • Because the paper is disposable, root stopping effect is limited to one time.
  • The paper has water permeability, but excessive dryness and excessive humidity during raising seedlings will cause poor growth, so please perform appropriate irrigation management.
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