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Let’s get started Paper Pot System with our Starter Package!
We selected essential items according to our experience and customer’s demands.
If you wish to start the Paper Pot System, this is the perfect package for you.
Paper Pot System will reduce lots of labor and cost.


Paper Pot Transplanter



Paper Pot Transplanter (1 unit) MADE IN JAPAN

The transplanter performs a principal role in Paper Pot System.

Our Paper Pot Transplanter truly is an authentic manual transplanter that won’t require a power source. Just by easily pulling it backwards along ridges, you will finish planting in a remarkably short time.

It is designed for a variety of crops, such as onion, beet, spinach, lettuce, salad green, broccoli, cabbage, bean, corn, basil, and so on.

The transplanter will covering the soil just after transplanting.

Paper Pot Transplanter

Paper Chain Pots (3 cases)

Our Starter Package includes CP303, LP303-10 and LP303-15 paper chain pots, one box each.

These are most popular paper chain pots. These paper pots are widely used around the world. The sizes and planting distances vary depending on crops. Please check our Paper Chain Pot Crop Matrix at the bottom of the page for more information.

The Paper Chain Pot is made of special paper and water-soluble glue. It takes air and water to the soil and distribute them equally to all the roots. That makes plants healthier and stronger. The Paper Chain Pot is consisted of cells shaped like a honeycomb.

The Paper Chain Pot will decomposed in the ground some months later after transplanting.

A sheet of Paper Chain Pot consists of 264 pieces of cells.

Paper Pot 3 boxes

Seeding Tools (5 Components)

The Paper Pot Seeding Kit includes everything you need to sow seeds to Paper Chain Pot. Paper Pot Seeding Kit will save your labor time a lot.

You can prepare seeding trays easily by 6 steps.

  1. Insert Opening Rods to the slots of a Chain Pot at the ends.
  2. Expand the Chain Pot by separating the Opening Rods. Then, put it on a Spreader Frame over a Nursery Tray.
  3. By using a Brush, cover and fill the cells with the soil.
  4. Make seeding holes by pressing a Dibbler.
  5. Sow seeds with a Drop Seeder.
  6. Remove the Spreader Frame and cover the soil firmly.
Paper Pot Seeding Kit 5 Components

Nursery Trays (40 pcs)

The standard nursery trays that are suitable for Paper Pot System.

You can use this tray with Paper Pot System and Paper Chain Pot 5, 10 and 15 cm. The Paper Chain Pots are useful when planting large amount of seedlings. Seedlings will grow in the flats and be transplanted to the field by the transplanter.

Our nursery trays are very durable. They will support you as long years as you expect.

CP303 LP303-10 LP303-15
CP303 planting distance LP303-10 planting distance LP303-15 planting distance
5 cm 10 cm 15 cm
Pot diameter 3.0 cm
Pot height 3.0 cm
Full length 1,400 cm 2,700 cm 4,000 cm
The number of
pots per sheet
Green onion
Leaf vegetable
Edamame bean
Cabbage       (*)
Broccoli       (*)
Cauliflower       (*)
CP303 LP303-10 LP303-15

* Make planting distance 30 cm by sowing a seed in every two pots.

Box 1

CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15

Box 2

CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15

Box 3

CP303, LP303-10, LP303-15

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